May 27: National Day of Rogue

May is National Running Month, and we are cramming an entire month of celebration into one day – Thursday, May 27. You should probably consider it the National Day of Rogue!

The day will begin with a huge, huge spring cleaning sale at Rogue Equipment – quite possibly the best sales on the largest selection of inventory you’ve ever encountered at a running store!

At 6pm, John Schrup will be leading an open seminar on Barefoot/Minimalist Footwear in Running Specialty. The talk will include a brief history of running shoes from the 1970’s through the present, take a look at what the future brings in terms of running shoe design and discuss how you can incorporate barefoot or minimalist running footwear in your own running programs.

It can be argued that there has been no other design paradigm in the short history of running footwear that has had as much of an effect as the barefoot or minimalist design concept, since maybe, Air.  It might be even more important than the introduction of supplementary cushioning systems as it serves to erase what has been presented as gospel for the past 30 years.  The introduction of the Vibram Five-Fingers and the publication of Born to Run helped to invigorate the movement, and we don’t see it slowing down any time soon.  But it is not just Vibram or Terra Plana; all the big brand names are in play.

The seminar will wrap up just in time for the inaugural Rogue Raffler! As you’ve likely heard, we expect the Raffler to become the biggest social running event in Austin, and plan to kick it off in a big way! Think scavenger hunt plus urban race plus local businesses plus big prizes plus FREE BEER. This is how it works in Portland – expect something similar, with a decidedly Rogue twist!


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