Meet the coach!

by Colin Moss

If you want a serious minded coach who has room in her heart to get you from your couch to a marathon or if you are fast but need someone to help you discipline yourself for greatness then look no further than Amy Anderson.

Amy has been coaching since 2000 when she coached a group to the Cap10K and has never looked back. In the interest of full disclosure, Amy has coached me through one marathon training period and still gives me all of the help I could ever ask for in my triathlon training.

Amy has raced 5 Ironman distance triathlons and many more marathons. Her PR was set during last race that she ran, Boston 2010 in 3:28. She trains with Team Rogue and her favorite place to run is Town Lake. She only listens to music when she runs alone – don’t even think of bringing your ipod to her quality workouts! Her taste in running music is across the board but if “Stairway to Heaven” shuffles on up to the front of the playlist  then there is a non-negotiable fartlek (specific workout) that she does based on the four clearly defined sections of the song. So if you happen to see her running by herself on the trail, wearing headphones and suddenly taking off like she is going for broke, do not be alarmed. It is just Led Zepplin singing to her.

If there is only one thing you could say about her coaching style, it’s that she likes to focus on the mental aspect of the training. She can and will help you get your mind in the right place to accomplish all of your goals. You will learn how to run with mantras to keep your body going strong through the rough patches and how the mental side of running plays a major role in how the body responds.

I will also note that she is a task master. She is a fundamentalist that will strictly follow workouts and pacing. She knows the method behind the madness of quality workouts. All you have to do is trust her.

Amy is a very busy runner, coach and mother but her other passion is cooking. She is great to talk to on a long run unless you are hungry! She loves talking about food and all of the baking she does, so if you skipped breakfast that morning, don’t approach the subject. Amy is a very approachable coach who is easy to talk to and who will answer any training related question you might have with advice pulled from her 20 years of running experience.

She loves all of her athletes and is determined to get each of them to the starting line of whatever race they are preparing for healthy, happy, and as physically and mentally prepared as possible.

Amy is currently coaching a San Antonio Marathon group that meets at rogue every Tuesday evening at Rogue at 6:30 pm. She will also be coaching an Austin Marathon group that meets at Rogue on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm beginning September 4.


8 thoughts on “Meet the coach!

  1. Amy was my coach as I trained for the 2010 Austin Marathon and I know that I would not have finished the race without her. I suffered injury after injury during training and even dehydrated myself about 4 weeks before the race, but Amy’s motivational words, aka “Amyisms”, both on group running nights and by email, kept me going. During the race, with painful blisters upon blisters forming on my feet, I kept running because I knew I’d see her face at the end of the race. When we finally met up and I proudly told her that I actually finished the race, her reaction was priceless – honest and one of pride. She made me feel even better about the feat I’d just accomplished because she was genuinely happy for me.

    Amy is a true coach and I’m grateful to have learned under such a master.

  2. Amy is one of my all-time favorite coaches. I’ve trained with her as my coach for marathons and 5k/10 distances. Like Colin said, she continues to be your coach long after your program has ended. Once you go Amy, it’s hard to go any other way!

  3. Amy is an amazing coach, athlete and cook/baker…i can’t say enough about how amazing she is. She showed me that i have potential i never knew existed and for that i will be forever grateful.

  4. Amy is by far the best coach I ever had. She coached me through two marathons. When I started I could barely run three miles. She taught me to “start slow, finish strong”. If you ever thought about doing this, Amy is the person to help you.

  5. Knowledgable, clear, organized, motivating, encouraging, focused, fun, caring, sweet, tough, experienced…the most complete coach I know. Since I had the benefit of her quidance in 2008, every workout is a success if I can manage to work on something I learned from her.

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