Get up, and get down

We all know it, but don’t want to admit it – the only way to get better at running hills is to run hills.

Lucky for us, Austin is full of ’em and unless you want to run circles around Town Lake every single day, you are going to put in your fair share of hill work.

There is much to know regarding technique when it comes to running both uphill and downhill, and key muscles that are going to help you do both of those things better. Running Times posted a two-part article on running hills – up and down – that focuses on trail running but is chock-full of advice that crosses over to the roads. It also includes links to a number of key strengthening exercises that can be done at home, at Rogue or at a gym, all of which will make you a better hill runners and, therefore, a better runner.

Heading up…

…and coming back down


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