Do something epic.

by Carolyn Mangold

On the way to the Leadville 100 training camp last weekend, Team Rogue Ultra came up with a catch phrase early on:  Do something epic.

And we did.  Led by coaches Ken Fries and Jason Lippman, we covered most of the 100 mile out and back course over 3 days.  We ran every type of terrain possible:  single track trail, jeep road, through creeks, over creeks on logs, running anywhere from 9200 to 12600 feet in elevation. We even ran through a short hail storm and snow at the top of Hope Pass.  The trails were so beautiful that the few miles on the paved road seemed mind-numbingly boring.

The first day was a 27 mile run, up and over Sugar Loaf Mountain.   Day 2 consisted of a 23 mile run, up and over Hope Pass at 12600 feet, not once but twice!    The 3rd day a few of us ran the remainder of the course to preview it for race day, while most of the group went to Mt Massive, to climb up to its 14000 ft peak.

We all came away from this with a sense of what a momentous and life-changing event we are taking on.  For now, on to our final 7 weeks of training and the race itself on August 21st.


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