Yes, your shoes DO smell.

Hot weather means sweat, and sweat means wet and smelly shoes. Really, really wet and smelly. That are often left in the oven that is your car.

We all know (or should know) that throwing your running shoes into the washing machine is a bad idea, and while the newspaper trick does soak up moisture, it doesn’t do much for smell. It also wastes a lot of newspaper when you consider a whole summer’s worth!

STUFFITTS were created with these things in mind and Rogue Equipment now has them, when you need them most!

Check out what Nedra has to say about her Stuffitts:

I love my new stuffitts! I’m a heavy sweater which leads to wet stinky shoes especially in the summer. Since I’ve started using Stuffitts, my shoes dry out faster and smell a lot better. I also love the fact that Stuffitts are a more sustainable solution than stuffing your shoes with newspaper since. I can reuse them day after day after day and when needed, slip the covers off and wash them out and it’s like a new pair!

Stop by Rogue Equipment and check them out – we all know we need them.


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