Organic gel- be a tester!

*Note: Thomas needs a few more testers, but will not accept any more applications after Wednesday, July 28. It only takes 5 minutes to fill out, and you will receive an ample amount of nutrition product to train with!

Liquid Gold is an organic energy gel that provides runners with a
great tasting boost of carbohydrates and electrolytes when they need
it most. The improved formula is ready for testing, and that’s where
you come in. We need 150 people to train with Liquid Gold and offer
feedback with no gimmicks or cost to you.

If this sounds like an opportunity you can’t pass up, fill out the
Volunteer Survey and send it back to

If you are chosen to test Liquid Gold, you will receive an initial 5
serving flask along with an agreement form. You can also expect a 3
pound jug of Liquid Gold and a refillable single serving flask to
follow after returning the agreement form. If you don’t like our
product let us know before filling out the agreement form, but keep
the flask as a thank you for your time.

Get the application here!


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