Mister Enstone

by Colin Moss

His name is MR. ENSTONE. But you can call him Mark if you like. Mark Enstone is Rogue’s coach from across the pond via Germany, California and Arizona. It took him awhile to get from England to Texas but he made it and Austin area runners are better for it. Mark has been coaching with Rogue for the last three years. He emerged from under the tutelage of his friend Amy Anderson and has been passing on his lifetime of running experience every since.

If you have not had the pleasure of reading any of Mark’s training articles, race reports, emails, or any written correspondence in general then here is a piece of advice: devote a considerable amount of time to read whatever he writes.

This advice is for two reasons.

Firstly, Mark is an extremely knowledgeable coach who combines his own research into training methods, coaching technique and gear with a first hand approach. If he is telling you to try this or do that it is because he actually knows it works. Mark is not afraid to try new training techniques, shoes or running styles. If it’s out there then he has it. Secondly, his race reports, emails and articles are very, very lengthy. The time it takes to read it all and translate the English version into the American version is not insubstantial. Being verbose is not a criticism here. He just writes a lot.

Mark  believes in being extremely prepared for the race for which you are training. He also wants the whole experience, from start of training to the finish line of your race, to be an enjoyable one. It is in race preparation and planning that Mark shines as a coach and athlete. He is an accomplished runner, Boston Qualifier, open water swimmer, cyclist, triathlete, Ironman finisher and if you look closely enough on Town Lake you will see his latest adventure, Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

When asked why he enjoys coaching Mark answered, “Change is constant. I’ve enjoyed running for many years (er, decades, actually) and what I get out of my running has changed over those years. Coaching brought a new, challenging, fun and rewarding component into my association with running. When it happens to yourself, you don’t notice the adaptations, but when you see a group of athletes adapt, grow, improve, get stronger, more confident with training and race-specific focus it is exhilarating to witness and to be a part of.”

With all of Marks dedication to being prepared it is no wonder he has an adverse reaction to the phrase, “good luck.” To him this is almost a disservice to all the hard work that is put into training. If you had a great race then it wasn’t because of luck at all but to all the preparation and effort the athlete put in for the months prior. If this is the type of coach that you are looking for then Rogue is ready to make that introduction.

Mark is currently coaching for the San Antonio Marathon program, and will soon also be in charge of an Austin Half Marathon group, beginning September 11.


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