How long is your long run?

What are you doing this weekend?

If your name is Gordon Montgomery, Carrie Delbecq, David Springer, John Peck, Ken Fries, Jason Lippman, Paul Salazar, Cindy Henges, Iva Paleckova, Kirk Coburn, Carolyn Mangold or Muzaffer Musal, you are running a trail race this weekend. A 100 mile trail race. At elevation.

Yes, you read that right. These twelve Rogues are all heading to Leadville, CO for the legendary 100 mile “Race Across the Sky.” The race begins at 4am on Saturday morning and involves 50 miles out and 50 miles back through the Colorado Rockies.

The “low” point is 9,200ft…the high point, Hope Pass, is 12,600. The time cutoff is 30 hours.

There are 11 aid stations along the course, and runners are allowed to have pacers once they pass the 50 mile point. These pacers are essential for physical, but more often than not mental, support in the toughest miles of this race. As usual, Rogues are stepping up to the plate and getting in on this crazy event!

The pacers are:

Carrie: Claire Secker, Russ Secker, Marty Yudizky, Sebastian Rodrigano, Bobbie Hagel and Paul Delbecq.

David: Sarah Springer, Melissa A. and Dave A.

John: Kelly Marshek, Jennifer Schwartz and Robert Canik.

Ken: Kate Mclaughlin-Fries, Ken McLaughlin

Jason: Jeffrey Stuckuls, Angie Lippman

Paul: Cindy Salazar, James Allen, Lorena Devlyn, Fred Fletcher

Cindy: Lisa Cronin, Leslin Messner, Mike Burns, Mel Sotos, Desiree Ficker

Iva: Joe Sesil, Scott Sifarth, Sam P.

Kirk: Jan, Joe, Matt, David

Carolyn: Mark Bures, Chuck Duvall, Holly McKee

Muz: Sydney Pitt, Bruce Coleman, Cindy Schlandt

This event is the epitome of  the word “rogue,” and we are incredibly proud to have TWELVE of our own taking on the entire thing (not to mention the huge group of supporters!)

Some of the runners and crew are already in Colorado, but most are leaving within the next day or two. Make sure to wish them good luck and check back here soon for results and the anxiously-awaited race reports!


6 thoughts on “How long is your long run?

  1. I’m gonna give props to my crew which includes: Lisa Cronin, Leslin Messner, Mike Burns, Mel Sotos & Desiree Ficker…..

  2. Jason – we are all thinking about you and your compadres during this incredible undertaking. We’re ready for you to be back at HomeTex next week! Whoodathunkit!?!?

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