Water at your fingertips!

It may be September, but it is hot (and humid) as ever out there.

Every single one of us should be drinking as much water as possible, as often as possible – when you’ve had enough, drink more!

We try to make this as easy as possible when you are running with Rogue by providing water coolers and cups every 2-3 miles. But what about the days you are not with Rogue? What if that water fountain you were counting on is turned off, or those coolers on the trail have disappeared due to flooding? What about all of that paper cup waste??

A solution that more and more road runners are finding (trail runners have been in on this for a long time!) is to get a hand held water bottle. This inexpensive piece of equipment can literally be lifesaver, ensuring that you always have access to water – simply fill it before you go (even better, freeze it before you go!) and refill whenever you have the opportunity.The straps are also very handy, as they typically have small pockets perfect for keys, gels or maps.

Hand helds truly are comfortable to carry, requiring very little adjustment on your part, and cuts down on an incredible amount of waste – remember, we put out paper cups (with our water) for over 1000 runners, every 2-3 miles, twice each week…do the math!

If you haven’t already made the switch, talk to those who have. At least take a look at the options available (we’ve got plenty of choices at Rogue!), try on a few different types to see what’s most comfortable and consider giving it a try. There is really nothing better than knowing that you can drink or pour cool water over your head at any time, no matter where your run takes you!


One thought on “Water at your fingertips!

  1. Despite their ultra-awesome resemblance to a fanny pack, hydration belts are great too – keeps your hands free, the weight close to your core, and you can carry more. That being said, I also carry a water bottle in my hand when I don’t need all of the water of a belt. Food for thought.

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