A win-win!

Ironman 70.3 Austin needs volunteers! Alicia Hawley is putting together a team in honor of Marathon Kids and needs at least 15 people to come out and help out on race day, October 17th, 2010.

Everyone who volunteers is entered into a raffle for prize money. In support of Marathon Kids, the members of Alicia’s team will pledge to donate their money to the organization if they happen to win the raffle.

It doesn’t stop there, however – you’re going to be rewarded with more than just warm fuzzies when you donate your raffle winnings! Thanks to Rogue’s partnership with Marathon Kids, anyone who raises/donates at least $500 for the organization receives huge discounts on current Austin Marathon or Half Marathon training and will get their next program at half price! Donate even more, and the incentives go up, all the way to free training, Rogue racing kits and more.

Whoever wins this raffle will not only be financially supporting an amazing program and the health of schoolkids everywhere, but will also be snagging some major training discounts for themselves!

Grab your friends and join Alicia for a fun day at the Ironman 70.3 Austin – if your friends aren’t planning on training for a marathon or half marathon any time soon, have them enter your name into the raffle to up your chances.

As an added bonus, teams that coordinate and come up with a theme and costumes can win even more! 1st Place is $1,000, 2nd is $500, and 3rd is $250. This is more money towards your training – Riff Raff won this last year, let’s give them some competition!

Race day is fast approaching and the earlier we can get this team set up, the better! Please email Alicia Hawley at hawleyal@yahoo.com to get a spot.

Let’s be the best team and win for Marathon Kids and you!


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