Welcome to Rogue, Texas

Anyone who has run on Town Lake Trail has surely noticed the plethora of Rogue shirts that appear all over the place, all hours of the day. We love the visual reminder of just how many Rogues there are, and want to extend that into the racing scene!

While many of you wear your Rogue shirt for race day, we know that everyone has different preferences on fit and feel, and race day is not the time to be uncomfortable in your clothes!

We have a proposal for you.

Those of you who will be registering for a race – any race! – in the next few months, consider listing your hometown as Rogue, Texas. How cool would it be to open up the results and see several hundred runners (with impressive performances, of course) from Rogue?

Additionally, those of you running bigger races that allow for bib number customization – the Austin Marathon and Half is the perfect example – consider having the word “ROGUE” in big block letters on the front of your bib rather than your name. Team Rogue did this last year and the result was great – imagine several hundred of them (and the cheering that would ensue)!

Rogue is a community, first and foremost. Let’s show it off to everyone!

*Disclaimer: The race result image was a random screenshot and not indicative of Rogue/non-Rogue members – for illustrative purposes only!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Rogue, Texas

  1. Good question – we will be offering rewards and incentives but are not at a point where we have those specifics laid out. At this point we’re throwing the idea out there…and most of our runners seem to be excited about it strictly for community enhancement!

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