You Can Help Complete the Trail

From The Trail Foundation:
Please vote “Yes!” on Proposition 1 early or on November 2.
The Austin City Council voted unanimously in favor of the transportation bond package and keep intact partial bond funding for the Trail Completion Project, also known as the Boardwalk Trail.
The Trail Completion Project, which provides for new land and overwater trail segments along the lakefront, will replace the Trail’s current unsafe detour along Riverside Drive and Lakeshore Boulevard and over I-35.  The project will provide safe pedestrian and bicycle access along a beautiful section of the public’s lake and parkland. People of all abilities will be able to easily access the town’s lake and enjoy a safe transportation alternative.
The November 2 ballot includes Trail Completion as part of Proposition 1. Proposition 1 proposes city bonds to pay for $90 million in transportation mobility projects including new sidewalk, road, trail and bikeway projects.  Overall, these bonds will reduce traffic congestion, protect the environment, improve public safety and provide transportation options.  Approval of these bond projects will not require new taxes.  To see the broad range of business, environmental, and community supporters, of this bond package, including TTF,  click here.

As part of a public-private partnership, The Trail Foundation has committed to the City of Austin to raise $3 million in matching funds to help complete the Trail if the bond election is successful . This much needed investment will make Austin an even better place to live.

Please cast your vote early, or on November 2, in favor of Proposition 1.


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