Riff Raff Domination!

Team Riff Raff dominated Saturday’s inaugural marathon in New Braunfels!  There were a handful of participants, and here’s the rundown.  Keep in mind that the age groups were huge!  Not the normal 5-year divisions, yesterday’s age groups were twice as big, in decade-long blocks.  That makes the finishes even more impressive!

For the Half Marathon:
Glenda Adams won her age group of about 50 people
Scott Watson came in 3rd in his age group of about 50 people.
Crankie (Amanda Bergstrom) finished 2nd in her age group of about 50 people.
Beth Cline came in 8th in her age group of about 50 people.
Tater (Amber Anderson) finished 12th in her age group of about 50 people.

For the Marathon:
Coach Panther Carmical brought in a 2nd place overall finish and 1st overall masters with a Boston qualifying time of 3:17!
He describes the experience as follows:
It was a fairly difficult course, with spotty support.  Aid stations were haphazard, and the water/Accelerade ratio was unpredictable.  You never knew what you were going to get, or where the stops would be.  And the course was much more difficult than expected.  What was touted as a somewhat “flat” course ended up being, with the possible exceptions of Boston and Austin, quite literally the hilliest marathon I’ve ever done.  It was extremely difficult, mentally, as well, being an out-and-back, with a headwind during the second half, and big hills climbing out of the river valley at mile 23.
Congrats to Riff Raff on a race day full of outstanding performances!

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