Ironman Austin 70.3 Race Recap

by Colin Moss

I did it. I trained for 10 plus months and got myself, barely, to the start of the race. I had a great time and finished in 5:48 which was 12 minutes faster than my goal. Here is how it all went down.
This race was a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and a 13.1 mile run. It had two different transition areas that were separated by about a mile and a half and you had to park and take a shuttle to the start of the race. I dropped my bike off the day before when I picked up my race packet. One of the first things I noticed at packet pickup was, unlike any other race I had ever done before, the athletes at this race were really fit. It wasn’t that is was intimidating, it was more like when I saw everyone it put what I was about to undertake in perspective.
The morning of the race I woke up, packed my transition bags, and headed out hoping to arrive by 6:30. I didn’t plan ahead for race morning traffic and there was also a wreck on the road leading into the park. I didn’t get on the shuttle bus until 7:30. Transition closed at 7:30. The pros were in the water before our bus arrived and they closed more roads leading to the start of the race to get the bike course ready. I was quietly freaking out while I was on the shuttle thinking that I would miss my race. If only they would let me drop my bag in transition I would be fine. Oh and I still needed to air up my tires before I could ride.
The event staff let us in very quickly to drop bags and I convinced someone to let me air up my tires. Whew!!! I was in. Now I could calm down and try to mentally prepare for the race. Not an ideal way to start the day.
The wave start was not the normal order. Instead of the men youngest to oldest, then women oldest to youngest it was all mixed in. I thought it to be more fair. My wave was called and I slipped into to the water with the uneasy feeling that it was going to be a long day, a very long day. That horn blared…


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