New Asics: The Review

It’s been awhile, but Rogue Equipment manager and shoe guru John Schrup is back with his latest shoe reviews, this time focusing on a new batch of Asics. Read them, then come try a pair – or several – on for yourself!

Speedstar 5

You know what Erik would say about this shoe.  If you don’t, I’m not going to write it in this space because this is a family joint.  The Speedstar 5 is the best update everrrrrrr to this old school lightweight trainer.  The fundamentals—midsole and outsole—remain unchanged:  A firm, responsive ride that feels lower to the ground—ASICS standard 10mm offset– than it is, and after a few runs, softens and flexes as if it were made for your foot.  The new, updated upper is what will blow your mind.  A single piece, seamless upper completely encased by a very supportive, flexible TPU web makes this one of the snuggest, closest fitting, sock-like uppers you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.  Obviously, probably not the best bet for Fred Flinstone, but just about the rest of the planet could fit into this shoe and feel like they were cheating on their current favorite shoe.

Noosa Tri 6

The Noosa Tri 6 is a triathon focused shoe that, upon further inspection, should look pretty familiar.  It is simply a DS Trainer 14 (2 models past) with acid-trip coloring, marketed to peacocks and triathletes, often indistinguishable from one another.  Having been sold like the proverbial hotcakes Down Under for 5 years now, the Noosa Tri was designed in part by Hunter S. Thompson on a bender.  Basically, a DS Trainer for triathletes.


The update to a classic, virtually unchanged.  The addition of the Guidance Line in the outsole purports to offer a smoother ride.  Whatev.  Still a kick ass, go-to stability shoe.

Kayano 17

A bit lighter, a bit closer fit, otherwise unchanged.  Like crack for people who need…crack.  The single most sought after luxury stabilty shoe on the market.
Also, please note now that we have kids shoes in Brooks Ghost, ASICS Cumulus and Nike Pegasus. We will bring in a kids stablity shoe if demand is high enough, but since it does a disservice to kids to put them in a stability shoe, we’re going neutral up front.


One thought on “New Asics: The Review

  1. I had the new shoes now for about a month, it hasn’t been a totally smooth transition, but it hasn’t been too bad either, the shoe has more stability i think than the other, as a result, many people have voting for asics 2160.

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