Summer miles, autumn smiles!

The Fall Marathon training program began back in May, and was full of some of the most dedicated runners out there – those who were willing, able and determined to train throughout the hot, humid summer, beginning quality workouts in 100 degree temperatures and long runs in conditions reminiscent of a tropical rainforest.

The dedication paid off, and nearly everyone (sorry, Portland and Chicago!) enjoyed great racing weather that really showcased the result of that summer work.

There have been too many performances to count, but coach Peri Kowal contributed a list of her group’s results that really shows what a close-knit, hardworking group of runners can do:

Lake Tahoe
Lisa Romig 5:41:35
(also just did Frankenthon 5:27:37)

David Martin 5:51:23
Christine McLeod 4:54:13
Mary Fincken 4:34:00
Alan Hutcheson 4:24:33
Brent Yezek 4:34:21
Amy Daniel 4:27:27
Allison Zelinski 3:51:52
Andy Naumann 3:35:47
Kathryn Scroggin 3:44:36
Sarah Starnes 4:22:52
Jenn Giles 4:44:49
New York
Scott Webster 3:25:32 BQ
Amanda Johnson 4:33:06
Camille Compton 4:33:05
Tony Plohetski (DNS)
Amy Lemen 5:43:00
Daniel Hernandez 4:01:37
Jeannine Swanson 5:48:12
Christian O’Brien 4:00:34
Carlos Sanchez 3:59:40
Long Beach
Raoul Celerier 3:57:14
Marine Corp
Mandy Wolfe 4:04:48

San Antonio (*train adjusted)
Carlos Sanchez *1:52:26 (half)
Jeff  Hufford *3:50.31
Nicholas Walker *3:49:41
Matt Waldbusser *3:52:36
Sudhee Subrahmanyan 4:59:54
Brad Vaughn 4:18:44
Jennalie Lyons 4:46:37

Still to come . . .
Las Vegas
Eric Chambers
Carlos Sanchez
Cali Int’l
Lisa Larson
Congratulations to all, and thank you for being Rogue!


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