Youth Rogue Runners Compete at USATF and AAU Regional Cross Country Events

Congratulations to the 19 young Rogue Runners who competed last weekend at the USATF Region 12 Junior Olympic XC Championships in Marble Falls and the South Texas AAU XC Championship in Round Rock. At the USATF meet on Saturday, nearly 200 8-18 year old boys and girls from across Texas competed in age-appropriate cross country distances between 3K and 5K. Rogue Running was represented by 14 boys and girls with outstanding team and individual results.

Individual Results
Madison Boreman – 1st place Midget (11-12 year olds), 11:15 3K
Nikki Keys – 2nd place Youth (13-14 year olds), 15:46 4K
Karigan Allowitz – 14th place Youth (13-14 year olds), 16:41 4K
Elise Coleman – 20th place Youth (13-14 year olds), 17:28 4K
Alyssa Proulx – 21st place Youth (13-14 year olds), 17:37 4K
Jessica Forster – 27th place Youth (13- 14 year olds), 18:11 4K
Mariah Gallegos – 29th place Youth (13-14 year olds), 18:32 4K
Team Results
Youth Team – 2nd place

Individual Results
Ryan Brown – 2nd Place Midget (11-12 year olds), 11:00 3K
Jeremy Brown – 3rd place Youth (13-14 year olds), 14:02 4K
Matthew Budde – 15th place Youth (13-14 year olds), 15:13 4K
Anthony Mata – 17th place Youth (13-14 year olds), 15:17 4K
Leo Perez – 23rd place Youth (13-14 year olds), 16:05 4K
Chris Washington – 29th place Youth (13-14 year olds), 16:51 4K
Cody Woodmancy – 12th place Intermediate (15-16 year olds), 19:55 5K
Team Results
Youth Team – 2nd place
At the AAU XC Championship in Round Rock, 5 youth Rogue Runners competed on the same course as the Texas Cross Country State Championships held at OldSettlers Park against a smaller but competitive group of runners from the AAU South Texas Association.

Outstanding individual results included:

Micah Scott – 1st Place Youth Girls (13-14 year olds), 4K
Aspen Scott – 4th Place Youth Girls (13-14 year olds), 4K
Zain Scott – 2nd Place Midget Boys (11-12 year olds), 3K
Laken Scott – 3rd Place Bantam Girls (9-10 year olds), 3K
Kristin Jones – 5th place Midget Girls (11-12 year olds), 3K

Look for more young Rogue Runner news in the near future with the upcoming launch of a Rogue Running club for boys and girls ages 9-19.


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