Scotty Mac’s 10k Training Group

Team Rogue Elite’s Scotty Mac will be coaching a 10k training group starting Thursday December 1st.
Speed is an essential tool for every runner. Whether your goal is to finish a marathon or set a personal record, turnover can be an asset in everyone’s training.

This group’s training will maintain fall base while supplementing intense workouts to improve speed and efficiency. While your actual splits don’t matter, your dedication does. The group meets three times a week, Monday @ 530am, Thursday @ 530am, and Saturdays @ 7am.

Scotty Mac was coached by the legendary John Mcdonnell at The University of Arkansas. Many workouts will be based off of the training Scott and other elite college and professional runners have done.

This program is a great addition for Team Rogue members. It will shake up the monotany of logging long miles over the summer and fall. Sign up today!!!

For training ?’s contact Scotty Mac,

For registration ?’s contact Carolyn,


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