My Season

by coach Panther
Now that my season, and this year, is coming to an end, I wanted to use this weekly email as my bully pulpit for a short season report. As many of you know, I originally started training last summer to break 3 hours at San Antonio, but realized, as has happened in past years, that training properly is impossible for me, because of my coaching duties.  And, because of my “day job” and family obligations, it’s impossible for me to get in extra workouts outside of our Tuesday and Thursday runs.  So, because of all of these factors, I have to have other goals for myself than time.  And that’s okay with me.  Most people train for time, and I like to be different, anyway.

The goals I set this year very humble.  They were to get in 2 to 3 marathons and qualify for Boston.  I also wanted to run some trail races and see how well I would do.  With a little luck, and a multiply-rolled right ankle that never fully gave out on me, I managed to achieve these goals.
I ran 4 marathons in 2010, including 3 over the last 7 weeks, qualifying for Boston twice and coming in 2nd overall not once, but twice, something I never thought I would do even once!  I also won overall masters for the New Bruenfels Marathon, as well as being the 2nd overall finisher. I might not have PR’d in 2010, but I was only about 80 seconds off my PR at San Antonio, with my best marathon since 2003.  I came in 10th in my age group in that race, as well.

My real success this year was as a trail runner.  I ran 5 30ks, my first ones, in 2010, winning overall masters in 4 of them, coming in 2nd in only 1 of them, and winning overall masters for both series that I did.

But, really, my greatest success this year came, not as an athlete, but as a coach.  It has been such a great pleasure to see all of you do well in your races, achieve your goals, and follow your dreams for months and months, finally seeing them pay off.  Seeing you work for months and qualify for Boston, knock 30 minutes off your PRs, do things you never thought you’d do in your lives, run your first marathons, go to world duathlon championships, go to national triathlon championships, and seeing you bounce back from injuries, heart problems, and diabetes just to keep running with us on Tuesday nights, has been amazing to me and what I am most proud of this year.

I am very thankful for all of you, and, with many changes on the horizon, it’s good to know that we’ll still have each other, and we’ll still be running together every Tuesday night.

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