Coach of the Year

After running a call for nominations and eventually a vote via the Rogue facebook page, it was obvious that we have a LOT of very talented, very inspirational and very loved coaches around Rogue. While we agree that there is no “best” coach and that votes were limited by the coaches that the voters have had experience with, this was the method we chose to name the Coach of the Year.

Those who attended our holiday party heard the results, and everyone seemed to agree that it was a great choice – Amy Anderson!

You can find a full bio about Amy, who has been a Rogue coach since 2004, in a previous post, but I wanted to make sure to highlight a few comments her runners have:

What her athletes say:
“I can’t say enough about how fantastic a coach she is…”
“Not only does she get your legs ready – she gets your head in the game too. She’s motivating and supportive without sugar coating anything – and she’s so knowledgeable. I couldn’t ask for a better coach for my first 26.2!”
“ Amy is awesome. She’s fair and honest. She knows what she’s talking about. She’s almost always accessible and with her, you know you’ve got someone rooting for you. Plus, she’s made me run in the heat, rain, and cold — and love it.”

Congratulations to Amy – well deserved!


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