Off-road: Bandera Results!

The Bandera 100km, 50km & 25km trail race this past weekend began with nearly perfect weather conditions (a vast improvement over 2010’s 9 degree start), though the storms that moved in Saturday evening gave the 100K runners more than a few challenges to deal with!

Rogue was well-represented at Bandera, as both Erik Stanley’s Fall Trail group and the Rogue Ultra group showed up to take on the rugged, technical, beautiful course.

25K Results
Erik Stanley: 1:39:01 (1st place and a 6 MINUTE COURSE RECORD!!)
Paul Terranova: 1:54:24 (3rd overall!!)
Marla Briley: 2:29:53 (2nd female!)
Duane Mattson: 2:58:58

50K Results
Ken Fries: 4:37:43 (7th overall!!)
Paul Salazar: 4:43:51 (10th overall!!)
Jason Lippman: 5:12:31
Maurice Forshee: 5:42:17
Lesley Hempfling: 6:01:17
Carrie Delbecq: 6:29:57
Ronna Robbins: 7:16:32
Clarissa Wallace: 7:16:33
Merideth Cohen: 8:51:36
Sue Lynn Vann-Duong: 8:51:36

100K Results
Ryan Hopkins: 18:35:03

Congratulations to everyone on their performances – not only is the distance daunting, but it covers rougher terrain than most runners will ever experience! We’re excited about the upcoming spring trail programs and the Rogue Trail Series – we’ll see you out there!

Full Bandera results can be found here – if we forgot you or someone you know, please email the name and results to


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