Weekend Race Results

Sunday, January 30 was a rough day for racing in Central/South Texas, but tons of Rogues stepped up anyways and took on the 3M Half and the Houston Marathon/Half Marathon.

Whether you had a PR day (yes, it DID happen on the 3M course!) or the sort of race you’d like to forget about, we are very impressed and proud as ever to have you running and racing with us.

We’ve received a handful of results from 3M – this list is by no means exhaustive, but does give a taste of some of the great performances we saw yesterday. Please feel free to comment and leave any results that are not included in this post!

In no particular order…

Scott Brown – PR! 1:32:46

Aimie Black – First half! 2:45:00

Kristin Clayton – PR! 2:44:23

John Doocy – 1:47:01 (training run)

Joe Garcia – PR! 2:13:47

Aimee Hendrix – 2:56:33

Dave Marquardt – PR! 1:53:29

Tiffany Pressly – First half! 2:45:00

Eric Smith – PR! 2:00:11

Kristine Surowaniec – PR! 2:12:11

Greg Van Zee – PR! 1:39:53

Steve Vasquez – PR! 1:51:27 (training run)

Elizabeth Wheeler – PR! 2:19:42

Asia Shah – 1:23:49 1st AG

Jason Allen 1:30:08

Michael Wedel -1:30:08

Amadora Dory Puchol Comer – PR! 1:36:13

Jonathan Guttell – 1:37:22

Chuck Duvall – 1:37:20

James Dodds – 1:37:53

Minh Duong – PR! 1:29:49

Harmony Thorsen – 2:58:07

Yung Follis – PR! 2:41:52

Emily Benson – 2:26:34

Debbie Allen – 2:10:06

From Carmen’s group (sans last names):
Chris K. 1:18’04” (4th overall/1st Masters)
Andy 1:24’54” (9th AG)
Amy 1:25’46” (1st AG)
Greg 1:25’55” (6th AG)
Robert 1:26’44” (9th AG)
Shannon 1:27’13” (3rd Masters overall)
Mandy 1: 27′ 48 ” (5th AG and PR)
Tony 1:28’25” (5th AG)
Cindy S. 1:39’50” (2nd AG)
Doug H. 1:41’23” (1st AG)
Kelly 1:51’10”
Rick A. 1:53’12” (11th AG)
Susan S. 2:14’23” (5th AG)

Congrats to all!


One thought on “Weekend Race Results

  1. Just found another one of my runners . . . Congrats to Adam Gould on completing his first half marathon in 2:35:31!!

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