Back to the Basics

by Darren Brown

Running, something the human body was built to do, is the purest of acts, movements and
sports. Think about it. Everything about the act of running creates positive effects
within our mind, body and soul. It makes us healthier, stronger, more dedicated, gives
us a method of release, camaraderie, and so much more.

It is also the easiest sport to participate in. It requires nothing that we have not naturally been provided with. All running requires is the ground and a pair of feet (Whether you choose to cover those feet is up to you and if you ask the majority of people in Africa, shoes are merely a bonus!). We always have our feet with us and no matter where you may travel, there is always a
path, track, trail or road nearby. Nobody made this concept more apparent to the American public than a man named Bill Bowerman in the 1970’s. What most people don’t know though is that Bill Bowerman got this wide-reaching concept of running (jogging) from the same man that we get our Rogue Training Philosophy from … The great Arthur Lydiard.

Arthur Lydiard taught that the best way to improve basic physical fitness, prepare the body for “higher intensity training” and/or simply promote personal betterment is through aerobic running. Technically this is running at any pace slower than your aerobic threshold ( the pace that you can hold for one hour without collapsing) and in his eyes was meant to be at paces close to the aerobic threshold, but can also be classified as EASY running. Bill Bowerman took this philosophy and applied it to the general public (those not trying to obtain an Olympic Gold Medal). He created a more universally accessible action that actually fell fairly close to the majority of the previously sedentary population’s threshold … and called it jogging.

The moral of this story?! As many of you begin traveling for work this spring, go on vacations, find yourself in an unfamiliar place, or simply start feeling tired of the rigorous routine of following a schedule, return to the basics. Go back to where our entire philosophy began. Put on your running shoes (or don’t!!!), walk out the door, and put one foot in front of the other at no predisposed pace until you simply don’t feel like doing it anymore. Enjoy your running … it’s only “natural”.


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