Rogue Team Sole Survivors – We Run Here. We Give Here.

By coach Bobby Garcia

The easiest predictor of future behavior is past behavior. It was with that thought in mind that I set out to once again to help my team, the Rogue Team Sole Survivors, to raise awareness and money for non- profits in our community. My attitude is we run here….we give here. Borrowing from the name of a relatively new non-profit organization in Austin – I Live Here, I Give Here – the 2010-2011 Rogue Team Sole Survivors demonstrated the importance of giving back to our community. One of my personal goals was that through the experience of getting involved and raising money for non-profits that it would be a behavior that is both embraced and repeated.

Rogue Running has long understood the importance of investing in the Austin community. As the official marathon training partner of the 2011 LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon’s philanthropy program, 26 Miles for 26 Charities, Rogue is showing Central Texas that it lives here, runs here, and gives here. The philanthropy program provides nonprofits in Central Texas the opportunity to increase community awareness while raising money to support their missions. Several Rogue Team Sole Survivors ran for and raised money for four nonprofit organizations – Marathon Kids, LIVESTRONG, Blue Dog Rescue, and Capital of Texas Team Survivor.

As coach of the Rogue Team Sole Survivors and longtime supporter of non-profit organizations, I wanted to support the initiatives of athletes on my team whose aim it was to raise awareness and money for non-profits in the Austin area community. Like the athletes on my team, I believe strongly in giving back to Austin. The easy thing to do is to do nothing at all. My goal, always, is to try to instill a sense of volunteerism and to help the athletes on my team understand why we should serve others. So, education about the mission of the non-profits as well raising funds was key to the success of the initiative.

The Rogue Team Sole Survivors went about raising money for the charities through the sale of raffle tickets for prizes. Before any tickets were sold, it was important for the team to learn about the missions of the nonprofits and the motivations of the runners. Sole Survivors were asked to stand before the team to introduce themselves, talk about the nonprofit they represent, and share why they were supporting this particular nonprofit. Hearing directly from the athletes helped the whole team better understand the critical work done by nonprofits in Austin.

To help raise money I sold raffle tickets for $10 each. The raffle prizes were as follows – a Sole Survivors Marathon Survival Goody Bag, Rogue shirt and tickets to The Blanton Museum, BettySport shirt, goodies, and a Massage, a Soleus watch, and the Grand Prize donated by Margaret and Bobby Garcia – dinner and drinks at La Condesa and The Gypsy Kings at Austin City Limits Moody Theatre. The 2010 -2011 Rogue Team Sole Survivors raised $2000 for the winner of this year’s challenge, Marathon Kids. Marathon Kids is an organization whose mission is to build joyful community around children and be quickly accepted into public, private and home schools as a free, innovative, celebratory fitness and nutrition program, resonating with the child… and with the child’s family.

I am very proud of my team. And, am proud of the fact that some of our athletes took the lead in helping raise money for several non-profits in Austin. I want to thank Rogue Running for all it continues to do to demonstrate stewardship in our wonderful community. I specially want to thank each and every member of the Rogue Team Sole Survivors for your support of Rogue Running and our community.


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