Ever thought about running two marathons in one weekend?

One of the great things about being involved with Rogue is that we are constantly surrounded by positive, motivated, healthy people and we constantly get to hear amazing stories of determination and personal accomplishment. A particularly amazing story just came in from Andy Naumann, a longtime Rogue who ran not one, but TWO marathons this past weekend! See below to find out how Andy ran Nashville and Oklahoma City back-to-back (and make sure to go directly to Andy’s blog for the full story and photos)!

by Andy Naumann

I ran two marathons in one weekend and I didn’t completely hate it! There is a lot that can go wrong traveling over 2000 miles and running 52.4 miles in one weekend, so even though it wasn’t always pretty, I’m very happy with my first double marathon experience.

I’m calling this “A Weekend of Opposites” because the races ended up being completely different from one another. Nashville on Saturday was hot and sunny, I stuck to my strategy, everything went very smoothly and I easily beat my goal time. Oklahoma City on Sunday was cold and rainy, I went away from my strategy at the beginning and paid for it late in the race, missing my goal time by a few minutes.

Country Music Marathon

The Race:
Race day in Nashville started with my alarms sounding at 3:45am. I hate waking up so early, but I was worried about the parking and shuttle crowds. I forced down my usual coffee, peanut buttered bagel and two banana breakfast, loaded up my usual nutrition items and headed out the door at 4:15. It ended up that my strategy to avoid traffic on the interstate worked even better than I had expected, because I was parked at LP Field by 4:35. Darn, could have stayed in bed a little longer. The race didn’t start until 7:00, so after I took the shuttle to Centennial Park, I had plenty of time to take some pictures, eat a Clif Bar, chat with other runners and enjoy the cool morning before the race.

The start was extremely well organized, which is always my favorite thing about Competitor/Rock ‘n’ Roll races. The start corrals stretch for many blocks and are all clearly marked and pre-assigned based on predicted finish times. I lined up in my assigned Corral 2, happy that I wouldn’t be weaving around walkers the first few miles. The race started while the weather was still nice and cool, and I felt great.

Miles 1-11:
The 31,000 full and half runners share the course through this portion, but things aren’t very crowded because of the corral start. I ran a pace that felt nice and easy and enjoyed the sights of the city. That nice and easy pace ended up being closer to 8:00/mile than 8:30/mile, as I had planned, but I was feeling good so I didn’t worry about it too much. The only thing that went wrong was that I had to make a bathroom stop around mile 4, which was annoying but somewhat expected. I had been drinking a bunch up until the start of the race because I knew it was going to get hot.

Miles 11-16:
The marathon split from the half around mile 11, and the marathon went off on a five mile out-and-back with a loop on the end. There wasn’t much to see during this portion, but I always like out-and-backs because you get to size up the competition. For me, this consists of feeling slow because so many old people are beating me, then feeling better when I see how many people I’m beating. Fun stuff. It was around mile 11 that I started to notice the heat… (find the rest of the story on Andy’s blog!)


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