Rogue to Rogue 26.2 Flag Relay: We need your help!

The perfect long run route between Rogue Downtown and Rogue Cedar Park is exactly 26.2 miles. Fate or divine intervention? There is only one way to find out….run it!

On Saturday, July 23rd starting at 5 am, we will celebrate the grand opening of Rogue Cedar Park with a mile-by-mile flag relay to officially welcome Cedar Park into the Rogue community. This is not a “passing of the torch” but rather a symbolic event to represent the joining of two locations as one running family under a single flag – the Rogue flag!

Founder Steve Sisson will run the opening mile, and other Rogues will be selected to recognize and celebrate the participation of so many to make this event possible and make this community what it is today.

We want YOU to participate and will be selecting a few special Rogues from the community to help us carry the flag via our R2R Flag Relay contest!

To be considered, post on our FB wall by July 9 and let us know what Rogue means to you. ANY MEDIA is welcome (text, song, photo, poem, video, laser light show, etc) and extra points will be awarded for creativity.

Winners will carry the flag and run a symbolic mile in the relay, receive a special shirt to commemorate the day, and earn a gift card to be used exclusively at the Cedar Park location!

You don’t have to be a flag-carrier to participate – we want everyone to be involved!


You will meet at the Pavilion Park & Ride at Jollyville/183 to begin your run at 6am. A coach will meet you, maps will be provided and water will be out, as always. You will finish at Rogue Cedar Park, where a food and fun-filled celebration will take place! A shuttle will be available to take you back to your car.


You will begin your run at Rogue Cedar Park. Everything will take place as usual, except that there will be a giant party afterward! We promise it’s worth the drive.

Once at Rogue Cedar Park, we will have a blow out party with lots of food and fun to celebrate!

**This event is open to the public, but anyone who is NOT currently enrolled in a Rogue program must rsvp to by July 20. Tell your friends!!**


2 thoughts on “Rogue to Rogue 26.2 Flag Relay: We need your help!

  1. Can some of the little Marathon Kids be able to run one of the miles? Would like to post this opportunity on our facebook page at Thank you for considering our children, Rogue! You are a GREAT sponsor to help keep our program free for 85,000 Austin area K-5th graders!

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