A change of plans

Those of you currently enrolled in a downtown program saw that we had “Something New” as the scheduled route for tomorrow. That was the plan, until we received a phone call regarding a little girl named Ella. Ella is 6 years old, training for a 25 mile bike race on October 1st and has a “lemonade stand” on Shoal creek for runners in hopes of raising money for breast cancer in Central Texas.  Ella’s mom asked if we would be willing to send Rogues by her stand this weekend – of course we agreed, and Ella will now be manning an entire water stop!

Unfortunately, only those running 14 miles or more will make it to Ella – it will be a normal water stop in addition to her offerings, and there is no obligation to donate. However, if it’s something you’d like to do, you’re sure to make her day (and help a great cause)!


Here is a note from her mom about this amazing little girl:

I’m hoping you can help me to support an amazing 6 year old who is training to ride her bike 25 miles in the Mamma Jamma Ride on October 1st. If you’ve ridden or run down Shoal Creek Blvd this summer, or last summer, almost any Sunday late morning there’s a lemonade/Gatorade stand that’s set up with a 6 year old serving it up.
She will be out there again with her ice cold lemonade, ice cold orange Gatorade, bananas, apples, and Cliff bars giving it all away, just like she has for the past 3 summers, in exchange for a donation to support her riding in the Mamma Jamma Ride. Location is in the 5900 Block of Shoal Creek Blvd between Northland/2222 and Whiterock. Would you be willing to share this news with your riders and runners? Each week she truly gives away drinks to thirsty riders and runners – many of whom don’t have cash on them – and she feels GREAT about being able to help out a hot athlete who is thirsty, whether they donate or not.
She dropped the training wheels on her bike in March and since then has logged over 125 training miles, recently completing 11 and 13.5 mile rides. (She’s targeting 15 this coming weekend.) Please remember, she is 6 year old! What’s really amazing is that last year she logged over 300 training miles tandem and rode tandem 45 miles in the Mamma Jamma (it took her over 7 hours to complete it). Her first year of the Mamma Jamma (when she was 4) she rode 13 miles tandem.


We’ll have “Something New” soon, but decided that this was well-worth using a well-loved route.


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