A big thank you!

Thanks to all of the Rogues who supported Ella’s “lemonade stand” this past weekend. We hope you enjoyed getting to work it into your run – you certainly made her day! A note from her mom:


Thank You! You and your runners were so very supportive of Ella and her ride. The runners were kind, generous and appreciative. We recently posted on Ella’s Mamma Jamma Site a donation in the amount of $255 credited to Rogue runners!

Wow! Ella was impresses with the enthusiasm she received and is pumped for her ride, and that’s all because of YOU.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. She’s that much closer to her fundraising goal, and she even more motivated to go the distance.

We will keep you posted on how she does October 1st. There were a number of runners who wanted the link to her Mamma Jamma website. Would you mind sharing?


Ella’s site: http://www.mammajammaride.org/site/TR/Ride/General?px=1052041&pg=personal&fr_id=1070


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