Be about it.

by Ruth England

Coaching is the most amazing thing that we do at Rogue Running. It’s our small way of changing the lives of those around us for what we believe is the better.  There is nothing better than the chance to be around other coaches and have a chance to sit back, listen and draw from their experiences on how to be a better motivator and coach.

I live with one of the most motivational people that I know, Steve Sisson. Steve can, as I like to say, motivate you to take out the garbage and really get into it.  I have seen his words motivate people to tears and it is truly amazing.  But I live with the guy, so his words often go in and out and I really don’t always listen as I should.

Most recently I had the annual opportunity to go to Bev Kearney’s house for the University of Texas woman’s opening dinner.  I really love going to this event because she always has something planned to motivate the Texas woman.  Often times it is famous athletes from the past who come and give advice, and other times it is famous nutritionists or strength training coaches; regardless, it’s always really good.

This year there was a bit of a change, there were no other famous people to get up and motivate me… I mean the team.  Instead, Bev called on three team members who had overcome different types of adversity last year and done something amazing.  Each of these women were extremely well spoken and articulate (anyone that calls these women athletes before students doesn’t know anything). Their stories were exciting and interesting and I was glad to get to know them well, but I had not yet received my yearly motivational speech (since, you know, it is always about me)!

Bev got up to wrap up the evening with what at first seemed like a few standard pieces of advice, but the more you listen the more you could hear those nuggets of wisdom and motivation. She summed up this years advice/motivation into just a few lines:  Don’t tell me about it, don’t talk about it, I want you to be about it.

Just think. Even as adults we spend so much energy talking about what we are going to do, telling people what we are going to do and so little time just doing it and being about it.  To me, that means doing the little things that complete the package.   I not only need to run all the days and all the miles on the schedule, but I  also need to get to the gym twice a week, schedule the massages that keep me healthy, do the Schrupersizes, the strides, the foot drills, the post run push-ups, the stretches, the pre-run drills.  I need to stop telling people what I need to be doing and how I am too busy and I need to be about the success that I want to have happen on race day!


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