Wildfire Relief: Let’s fill the ice bath!

The infamous ice bath that many of you know and love is being retired for the time being due to the just-implemented Stage 2 water restrictions in Austin.  We cannot in good conscience (or legally) continue to fill the tub with hundreds of gallons of water and hundreds of pounds of ice each week, all of which ends up draining onto the pavement at the end of the day – hopefully you all understand and support this decision, and will explore other options (ahem, Barton Springs!!).

We will, however be putting the tub to good use this Saturday! Rather than filling it with water and ice, we are going to fill it with non-perishable food items that will be taken to Capital Area Food Bank for wildfire disaster relief. Please contribute anything you can – CAFB is asking for non-perishable, healthy items (think ready-to-eat items, cans with pop-tops, healthy snack bars, water, Gatorade, baby formula – anything that doesn’t require cooking or refrigeration).

Please bring your items to the downtown Saturday long run (9/10) – at this point that is the only day that we can accept items. If you’d rather donate clothing/supplies, check out this site for drop-off locations.

There are a lot of Rogues and a big opportunity to help those who truly need it. Hopefully the fire victims can begin their path to recovery, and hopefully Texas will again see rain (and the return of the ice bath) before too long!


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