Pssst, wanna run Vancouver marathon in May?

by coach Mark Enstone

I know, you didn’t want to start training for another marathon while we were still in the arse-end of Texas’ hottest ever summer. I know, you didn’t want to train over the winter for the Austin marathon *again*. I know, you’re looking for a place to go to flex your new passport. I know, you didn’t know what you wanted to run in the Spring, was waiting for something to drop in your lap.

Or perhaps you’ve run (or are about to run) your Fall race, and are wondering what to run next? Looking for an exciting next race? Perhaps a destination race?

Well, look no further!

Rogue is putting a group together to run the Vancouver marathon in May. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, eh. Come on, you know you’ve always wanted to.

And, yes, Half Marathon options too 🙂 [5,000 Half runners and 10,000 Full runners (1,000 of which have sold)]

Allison qualified for the upcoming US Olympic Houston trials at Vancouver earlier this year; I ran Vancouver a couple years ago. Both of us loved this race. And wouldn’t it be fun to go back and run it with a team of Rogues?  We are hoping to build interest, build numbers and take a nice sized group of Rogues to Vancouver.

Rogue programs targeting the Vancouver marathon start in a few weeks. We’ve got 5 or 6 group time/location options for you. You’ll train in what we here in Central Texas call “winter”, ready for a more-northern-climes “spring” race. The Vancouver marathon is on May 6th 2012.

Vancouver is a beautiful city. You know that, you’ve heard that. If you’ve been, you know that. So how about a first ever visit to Vancouver if you’ve not been, and a return visit if you have. Do it with a group of fellow runners. There is obviously the full marathon option, and on the same day a half option. So race day offers whichever you want. And if you want one, and hubby/wifey want the other, you’re both covered.

Come run Vancouver with us!


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