Scott Brown’s SA Half group

Results below – congrats to all for sticking with it through a tough summer and a tough race. You are all Rogue!

Cristina Paz                             2:29:04
Jeremy Coleman                      2:12:06 – PR!
Roland Martinez                     2:30:04
Will Reale                               1:46:00
Eric Vasquez                           2:15:44 – 1st half!
Rommel Sulit                          2:04:04 – 1st half!
Currie Bucher                          1:55:53
Matt Bucher                            1:54:35 – 1st half!
Carter Williams                       1:53:56
Nadia Zakariya                       2:05:35
Jay Ryan Ash                          1:46:25 – 1st half!
Oscar Bauer                            1:49:33 – 1st half!
Lisa Kottler                             2:14:04
Charlene Hamlet                     2:14:53
Kathy Allison                          2:24:00 –
Mahesh Chandramouli            2:40:00
Kirsten Holmes                       2:49:27

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