Team Rogue Dominates Resolution Run

Could there be a better way to start out the New Year than with a flat, out-and-back 5K (3 mile) race on a mixed gravel/concrete trail under an overcast 45 degree morning. For the 400+ timed runners participating in the inaugural Rogue-sponsored New Year’s Resolution Run, can we say PR?

With encouragement from Team Rogue’s Aussie Scott Rantall rabbiting the race from his bike while getting in a little cross training for next weeks 3M Half, 14 year-old Team Rogue Prep runner Jeremy Brown led all runners with a blistering 15:50. Using the race as a tune-up for next weeks half marathon, Team Rogue’s Michael Wedel came in next with a 16:56 PR.

Pushing each other to the finish and rounding out the top four were Team Rogue Prep runners Madie Boreman (age 13) coming in first place for females with a time of 17:30 and Ryan Brown (age 12) with a time of 17:37.


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