Paying it forward: updated prize list!

by Coach Bobby Garcia

You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you (Anonymous)

Greetings, fellow Rogues

I am writing to ask if you can help me and my team, the Rogue Team Sole Survivors, raise money for Team Rogue Elite. With your help we feel that our fundraising efforts will be very successful.  While this fundraising effort has been in the planning for several weeks the launching of it could not be more timely following the outstanding races at this past weekend’s Olympic Trials by two of our Team Rogue Elites, Allison Macsas and Scott MacPherson. Their performances and that of the other world class athletes filled our hearts with reverence at the highest level.

The concept of “Paying It Forward” means having an appreciation for something you have received and expressing that appreciation by doing something positive for someone else. I don’t know about you but I have received so much from Rogue Running and it has come in the form of learning to live a healthy lifestyle, developing physically, mentally, and spiritually, and giving birth to new friendships and relationships. I personally have received much from Rogue Running and now I want to play a role in “paying it forward.”

One of the true hallmarks of Rogue Running and a distinguishing characteristic amongst running organizations in Austin is the importance of community. I have been a member of Rogue Running both as a marathoner and as a coach since its inception. From the outset of this association I have realized Rogue Running understands the significance of investing in the Austin community and acts on it. In years past Rogue Running was the official marathon training partner of the Austin Marathon’s philanthropy program, 26 Miles for 26 Charities. The philanthropy program provided nonprofits in Central Texas the opportunity to increase community awareness while raising money to support their missions. Members of my team ran on behalf of and raised money for several nonprofit organizations in past years. The Rogue Team Sole Survivors have supported and helped raise money for Colin’s Hope, Marathon Kids, Girls on the Run of Austin, Blue Dog Rescue, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Hill Country Conservancy, Dell’s Children Medical Center of Central Texas, St. Jude’s Children Hospital, Austin Children’s Shelter, Live Strong Foundation, Glimmer of Hope Foundation, Alzheimer’s Association, and Team Asha.

This year I have made the decision that our fundraising efforts will be for one of our own, Team Rogue Elite.

Why are we doing this? Why are we helping raise money for this team? For several reasons and I will share a few with you.

  1. We Have Received Help and Support From Others – Each and every one of            us in our life long journey has had someone do something that lifted us up. A simple act of kindness and selflessness. We have benefited from an authentic, genuine act of doing by others. From that experience we have learned and grown.
  2. Strengthens our Rogue Running Community – I see it every time I am at Rogue. I read it on Facebook. Our Rogue Running community is one BIG LOVE AFFAIR. Yes,  we work hard and train hard. We push each other. And, we love to celebrate, socialize, have dinner, party, travel, and spend non-running time together.
  3. I Have A Dream – With all due respect to Martin Luther King, Jr. I would  like to borrow his famous line. Each of these professional athletes has a dream to accomplish the goal of making and competing in the Olympics. They approach their training purposefully and with strong conviction in order to get closer to realizing their dream. They run their path with faith, love and purpose, and for that we all admire them.

On a Personal Note – I have had the pleasure and the privilege of getting to know each of the members of Rogue Team Elite. They are truly special in that they embody the essence of what is good. They are humble. They are giving of their time, their gifts, and their talents. You don’t hear a lot about them because they don’t make it a point to broadcast their accomplishments. They let their hard work and efforts speak volumes for themselves. And, we hear it loud and clear without their having to boast about them. A mark of a confident, secure, and humble athlete. They work hard to try and make ends meet in order to live, play, and train for their respective races.

How can we help raise money?

Soon we will begin selling raffle tickets at $10 per ticket. Buy one. Buy ten. Buy twenty. Buy more. Buy them for a fellow Rogue as a gift.

We are still working on a few other gifts but this is what we have so far:

  1. Rogue Running Survival Bag of goodies
  2. Rogue Outfitter – shirt, shorts, shoes, and socks
  3. Rogue Running program of your choice
  4. Six infared sauna sessions with Dr. Noah Moos, DC (TRE’s official team doctor)
  5. Six hyberbaric chamber sessions with Dr. Noah Moos, DC (TRE’s official team doctor)
  6. Photoshoot with Juliane Masciana (TRE member and professional photographer)
  7. One week of lunches from Mel’s Meals
  8. One hour massage with Doug Consiglio (TRE’s official team massage therapist)
  9. Haircuts from Birds Barbershop, 2 winners for 2 cuts each
  10. Nook Color reader
  11. Nikon Coolpix S1600 camera, 8gb SD card and case
  12. A Gibson “Epiphone” electric guitar
  13. Chrome messenger bag & shoes from The Genesis Agency
  14. Adidas Adios 2 running shoes, 4 winners
  15. Maui Jim Sport sunglasses & prescription Oakley sunglasses from Today’s Vision
  16. 3-hours of fun in the sun aboard a beautiful NAUTIQUE boat on Lake Travis with Sail & Ski Center. The Captain will pilot the boat, providing sight seeing, swimming, wake surfing and tubing. One winner plus five guests.
  17. Wellness Starter Program (valued at $195) by Nutritional Wisdom
  18. Wine Tasting and Appetizers for 10 – Margaret & Bobby Garcia (fellow Rogue and Sommelier, Edward Morgan, will be our guest) – 5 winners for two people each.
  19. Dinner Party for 6 – Margaret and Bobby Garcia (fabulous 4 course meal with fine wines and champagnes) – 3 winners for two people each.

I hope you agree with me that for $10 per ticket these are pretty good prizes! Raffle tickets can be purchased at the register at both Rogue locations, and before/after your quality workout and long runs – look for the table of TRE athletes at the downtown location!

Winners of the raffle will be announced at Rogue’s pre-Austin Marathon talk on February 10 (winners do not have to present to win).

Rogue Running has shown Central Texas that it lives here, runs here, and gives here. I hope you will join me in doing something for someone who can never repay you.

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love. ~ Mother Teresa


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