Robyn’s 3M race report!

3M 1/2 race report. 


The night before: 

Against my better judgement we went and ate REDICULOUS amounts of pasta at Buca de Beppo’s. We used scoping out parking as an excuse. We were surrounded by other racers so I didn’t feel bad about the binge. Drank tons of water, skipped dessert, no booze really it wasn’t to much of a spectacle. I tried my darndest to get to sleep early but it was 10 before I hit the pillow. It seemed like I was up all night anyhow. 4:30 came quickly.


Pre Race:

Even though I had gotten almost no sleep I was alert and fine. Corey and I divvied out the GU and took turns walking outside trying to decide whether to go with shorts or pants. It was super cold but shorts won out in the end because they had pockets for the GU. I ate a Pepermint Luna bar (gag) It was the only bar I had in the pantry. Poor planning. We arrived at a near empty parking lot at 5:15, followed the giant lights and ended up at the start.  Ate (drank?) a Mocha GU at 6:30 and found a spot in the chute. It turns out we should have widdled our way up further as I was not aware that the race had even started we were so far back. Whoops. Kisses for Corey and he was off. I was alone with the road now. 



The race started out great. I was feeling 100% and had settled into a steady pace. My mantra for this race was “I’ve got this” I was feeling super confident. When I ran 10 last weekend a friend of mine told me “you own these 10 miles, for the rest of your life you own them” I didn’t know what she meant until now. I knew the first 10 could be done, they WERE mine and I DID already own them. I was home free till mile 10. I’ve got this.  I spent most of my time watching other peoples form. Groups would speed past me then I would run by as they were walking, then they would speed past me again…what ever works I guess. I saw one poor lady run into the woods no less than 4 times. Yikes. There was a VERY young boy running with his dad in front of me the entire race. To young for a half in my opinion but again, whatever. One kid on the side line had a sign that said “worst parade ever” hilarious. I had plenty to look at and never really got bored like I have been on other long runs. I was having fun, on a 13 mile race, I was enjoying myself. Crazy! Gator Aid at 4, GU at 6 Gaitor Aid again at 8 and there it was. Mile marker 10. I felt fine, my breathing was fine, my pace was fabulous, my knees weren’t hurting…Ok. It’s a 5k. I’ve got this. More GU, is there GU in my teeth? Is that even possible? Mile 11? Have I been fixated on GU covering the entire inside of my mouth for an entire mile? Huh, ok then. I’ve got this, I really do. I could visualize the finish. I was getting emotional. Dammit. Then I saw a pack of Rogues cheering on the sideline. A blonde lady looked me straight in the eye and screamed “You are about to finish a 1/2 Marathon!” I lost it. Even with my headphones blaring I could hear my squeaky gasps for air as I tried to compose myself.  I will always remember her face. Pull it together Sutton. I am running past the stadium and now know exactly how far I have to go, not far at all. OMG, I do have this. Robyn Rogers is texting me “GO, GO, GO!” flashes across my phone. (she is watching on runkeeper) One more uphill, I can see the finish line. Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry. I’ve got this, and I did. 


Finish line: 

As soon as I slow down I feel the back of my calfs tighten up. Oh my. This is gonna be bad. It hurt. I lowered myself to the ground near the Rogue tent  to stretch out.  Corey and Katie were throwing cookies and bananas at me: )  I survived. I held my pace, controlled my breathing, ran the hills up and down got my metal and that was that. On the drive home Corey was praising us and looked at me stunned when I said, “Well, it wasn’t that big of a deal. It was just a half.” Uh oh…We’ll see how Dallas goes, but I think I have more in me.


2 thoughts on “Robyn’s 3M race report!

  1. I was on the verge of crying with alligator tears when I read Katie’s story and now…I’m a bawl ass baby mess…

    You guys are really so bad ass! I love you and miss you so much!

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