My First Race in 24 Years

How did you prepare for the race on Sunday morning? I sat in my car, praying the Rosary, asking Mary to intercede for a sub three hour half marathon. Since I’m not Scott Rantall, I knew that only divine intervention would produce a 2:59:59 finish.

I am a racewalker. Yes, I’m the one with the funny looking, swiveling hips, straight legs and flying arms. Before I progressed to “Masters Division”, I finished a half marathon in 2:26. But that was 25 years ago. Based on my training and time trial, my extrapolated half marathon was around 3:07. That wasn’t going to work.

Once the race started, I found my self moving through small groups of runners. I passed the senior who wore jeans to a half marathon. Wow, I beat the guy with super chafe. That felt GREAT. A work colleague, who was running the relay, caught up to me on Shoal Creek. We talked for a minute and then I went on. Coach Oscar was waiting at around mile 9 where I knew that I was on a great pace, maybe even 2:55. I was always looking at the people who were just 20 feet ahead and eventually passed some of them. My last mile was my fastest and I finished at 2:56:53. HAIL MARY.

Coach Oscar, Coach Kim Wrinkle and James all told me that I could do this. Ruth told me that nobody is “slow” but there are only fast, faster and fastest runners. The Rogue training assured that I could finish 13.1 miles. Quality workouts with Coach Kim made me believe that I could break three hours.

When I moved to Cedar Park in 2000, there was nothing north of 620. Gradually more name brand retail crept north. But nothing was more exciting than the day that Rogue Running took over the store where Hollywood Video used to be. But, I thought that I was too slow to Run Rogue. James told me that I could be Rogue. Thanks to all of Rogue and of course, thanks to Divine Intervention.

Deb Taylor


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