Austin Half Marathon: The Race Was Awesome!!

The course was MUCH harder than the Houston half I did in January, but it made crossing the finish line MUCH more rewarding.  I ran at a more aggressive pace then the Houston race too, thanks to my two running buddies (Downtown Rogues).  It was almost too aggressive, and I almost ran out of steam before the turnaround at Ben White, but I made it and recovered on the way down South 1st.  Then my parents, husband, and 2 1/2 year old son were waiting for me on the bridge.  My son was wearing the “Go Mommy Go” shirt that his daddy had gotten for him and was smiling and cheering for me 🙂  Then as I came around the curve off the bridge, Coach Kim was yelling my name and cheering – awesome surprise!!  I passed another friend cheering under the Lamar bridge along the trail at mile 9.  The Livestrong cheer station was not far after that and gave me another much-needed boost.  I have to say, I was relieved when we split off from the marathoners because I knew we were in the home stretch, but that relief was very short-lived, because then came the hills.  The Enfield hill was tough, but we made it up.  Then “the hill” came into sight, and my stomach dropped.  The response from the other runners around me was comical – everything from groans of defeat to rally cries.  We went for it – I made it 2/3 of the way up before giving in to my burning quads and walking up the rest of the way.  I started running again as soon as we reached the top though, and that’s when I really got my second wind.  Just a mile or so left to go, and the worst was definitely behind us.  It was still tough coming up the hill on San Jacinto, but I remembered a sign I had seen coming up the same hill at the beginning of the race – “Pain is temporary.  Pride is forever.”  Yes!!  We made it up the hill, rounded the corner onto 11th where some friends were waiting for us with great big signs.  Then Coach Kim popped up again in front of the Capitol, and my family just a few feet down from him.  I blew my son a kiss, turned on the jets, and rounded the final corner.  I was SO happy to see the finish line!!  We were a bit disappointed to miss our 2:00 goal, but we didn’t miss it by much – 2:01:20.  I’ll take it – happily 🙂

I’m attaching a couple of pics…first one is me and one of my buddies coming off the South 1st bridge.  Second one is me, my son, and my two running buddies, Jenn and Thomas, after the finish.  Thanks for pushing/dragging me up the hills you guys!!

I really enjoyed my Rogue training and all the great people I met in the process…so much that I immediately signed up for the 5k/10k PR class!!!


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