Rogue X

Rogue X

Rogue X is Rogue’s Newest Strength & Base Building Program. Rogue’s who are in transition from race to race see a lowered mileage, but need to build power and strength to avoid injury and gain speed for their next event. This program offers the missing component of many individual’s racing season, strength development. Rogue X will incorporate a combination of track-based workouts mixed with calisthenics and plyometric routines promoting better form (more endurance) and a faster kick (more speed)! The program allows marathoners to take a break from their high mileage routines to keep their conditioning and gain strength for their next PR.


Many runners put in the long miles and training, but seem to be missing that “X” factor where they see faster speed and more strength. Rogue X, designed and delivered by coach Gene Ledet, can give you that X factor to your training. 


Gene is an experienced and USATF Level 1 certified coach. He has worked with elite level marathoners, recreational fitness athletes, as well as powerful military tactical teams. As a NCAA athlete at the University of Texas in San Antonio, Gene was able to hone his skills and techniques in a growing program. He transferred these skills into ROTC and the military environment through preparation for Combat Rescue and Pilot Training. Along with this experience, Gene also spent time as a coach and running mentor at RunTex before he commissioned into the USAF. After his term in the United States Air Force, Gene moved back to Austin and is now a member of the Rogue Running Community.


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