Three in Five Weeks

by Melody Garrett

Beginning on January 21st, I ran three half marathons over a period of five weeks.  This was a challenge I put upon myself for no real reason, except the fact that I wanted to. Just felt like seeing how far I could push myself. Isn’t that what it’s all about?  So on January 21st, I raced my first half marathon, The River Road Half Marathon in New Braunfels. January 29th, I ran 3M Half Marathon with my sister in Austin.  Lastly, I ran the Livestrong Austin Half Marathon with my sister and a friend on February 19th.

My first race was challenging but very satisfying, as you may have read in my Just Me and River Road post. The 3M Half Marathon was by far my favorite of the three races. It was my first time to run 3M and what an amazing route!  The race was so well organized, a perfect number of runners and the weather was ideal.  It was my sister’s first half marathon, as well as longest distance she had ran.  I stayed with her the whole time, coaching her, as I had trained her up until race day.  She had a great run!  We both enjoyed the 3M race and I plan on not only running but racing it alone in the future.

The Livestrong Austin Half Marathon was another wonderful experience. With the weather being very unpredictable up until race day, we lucked out with a great morning. My friend was running her first half marathon, so again, I stayed with her until about mile 12 to keep her motivated and on pace. My sister, friend and I started the race together and enjoyed the beautiful morning.  Again, it didn’t feel too crowded and was very well organized. Everyone had warned my (I passed the warnings on) about the hills at the end.   That Enfield hill couldn’t stop us.  I motivated my friend though it, prepping her as we got closed by giving her tips on how to tackle it in the right form, Rogue style! Her and I breezed by others who stopped and walked it without even trying.  We all three finished strong.

Austin was a great finish to my three half marathons in five weeks. Do I want to do it again? No. Did I enjoy the experience and am I glad I challenged myself? Yes.  Next year, I will be working on getting my time down in fewer races.  Now its time to rest before full marathon training starts!


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