A reason for every mile you run

by Ruth England

Last week, Chris gave you 10 reasons to run 10 miles. Here’s 27 reasons to run 26.2!  (Extra reasons are completely FREE)

1.  Sexy Legs.  Running is a great form of exercise and all runners have great legs.  Because it is so hot in Austin, you will almost always be in shorts so why not pick a hobby that keeps those legs looking good?

2.  Communication Skills.  Once you start training you will have lots of experiences to share with your co-workers, friends, family… and hell, after a while only strangers will listen to you say, “I only ran 10 miles today, I feel so lazy.”

3.  It’s cheaper than therapy.  Stressed out? Upset easily?  High Strung?  I guarantee after only one week at 30+ miles you will be too tired for those issues to do anything but just melt into the background.  You will begin to forget what stresses you out and only worry about how to get in enough naptime at work.

4.  Be Unique.  Only 1% of the population has run a marathon. Stand out from the crowd and take the challenge of running a marathon, or 10.

5.  Get Stoned (legally).  The runners high is no joke, it’s a real experience, that you will have every Saturday as you run longer and longer. You will be left with the great feeling of total exhaustion that leaves you wanting to curl up in a ball and sleep for a couple days.

6.  It’s all about YOU.  Training and completing a marathon will teach you more about yourself than reading a self help book, and you will actually make mistakes that you can apply to running and other parts of your life.

7.  Ditch Facebook.  Do something real.  You will meet some of the best people while training and taking on the marathon challenge.  You will make friends for life through marathon training.

8.  Eliminate “I can’t from your vocabulary”.  Prove to yourself you can do anything you set your mind to while conquering 26.2 miles.  6,000+ people already have through Rogue Running, and so can you.

9.  Fine-tune your playlist. You could easily listen to 6-10 hours of music per week while training for a marathon, so use this to expand your library of music.  Some people spend serious time picking just the right selection of tunes for the perfect marathon.

10.  Shoe Fetish!!!!  It is acceptable to worry about having too few shoes.

11.  MAKE GREAT FRIENDS!  I cannot emphasize this benefit enough.  Some of your best friends you have yet to meet because they are in the Fall Marathon group and you are not.  Sign up and make life long friendships.

12.  Learn just how stubborn (or stupid) you really are.   Demonstrate that you are a highly motivated and committed individual. Prove to yourself and others that you can do anything you set your mind to. If you’re on a job interview, casually mention that you ran a marathon (or are training for one) to demonstrate your motivation and passion.

13.  Run to eat, run to drink.  Carbs will be your friend. Carbs become your friend, not your enemy. Are you sick of hearing about how carbs are so bad for you? When you run long distances, carbs become your best friends. They give you the energy you need to keep running for an hours at a time. Enjoy that pasta dinner while everyone else is ordering burgers without the bun!

14.  Church of the Long Run.  Training for a marathon is a spiritual experience.  You will see the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost on at least one or two long runs, just to avoid seeing them all 3 of them in the race.

15.  Improve your math skills. Marathon training requires quite a few numbers: your mileage, your pace and your overall time. Some runners even measure their heart rate with a heart rate monitor. You’ll learn to pace yourself across a specific number of miles and you might find yourself doing math in your head, or at least bad math in your head.

16.  Collect lots meaningless souvenirs. You’ll have some great souvenirs from your race, including a medal that you can display in your home, and a shirt that you can wear that tells the world you ran a marathon. Most marathons also have photographers stationed throughout the course, and you can purchase running photos of yourself as additional souvenirs.

17.  Find your new career as a real estate agent.  We can guarantee that you will definitely run all the nooks and crannies of Austin Texas.  You will run streets and alleyways that no others have seen while training for your marathon.

18.  BHAG- Big Hairy Audacious Goal.  When you register for the marathon it will be the most exhilarating and terrifying moment all at once.  As it gets closer and closer you will have REAL moments of excitement and terror that will remind you that you are alive.

19.  Toe nails are for pool decks.  Losing your toe nail(s) is a rite of passage that you just cannot get anywhere else.  Learn the tricks of the marathon trade, paint them all black and no one will ever know.

20.  It’s cheap.  Really, is that a good reason to run?

21.  It gives you the nerve to do anything you want.  You will be able to pull out wedgies, wipe your nose on your shirt, spit over your shoulder and fart without thinking twice.

22.  Excuse to travel.   You might just might only be considering your local “flavor.” Broaden your horizons a bit, and you could be suffering in a way more exciting & interesting town, such as Napa Valley, Vail, Paris, London.  There is a marathon in just about any sexy city you wish to go.

23.  New outfits inspire greatness.  I use this mental trick, not only for every race I do but also every long run.  It might not help my pocket book, but I have a lot of great shorts and shirts by the time I run the marathon, and therefore I have to buy just one more because I can not choose between them.

24.  You will look healthier, sexier and younger.  It’s not always true, but every infomercial gets away with saying that so I thought I would give it a try.

25.  Run for a reason.   There are plenty of charities to fundraise for but you can be your own charity. Run for a reason. Run to prove a point. Run to share a bond. Run for the thrill of the run. It is what you make of it.

26. To find out what you are truly made of.  Our mental state is truly the difference that determines whether our marathon experience will be an enjoyable one or a never again experience.  In daily life we can afford to indulge our mind’s complaining or moaning – it might get us down, but we generally manage to avoid grinding to a halt. But when things get tough during a marathon, you just have to silence that complaining voice in your head and keep going. In fact, what happens is you end up going deep inside yourself and drawing on an inner strength that you might have never known even existed. And once discovered, that inner strength doesn’t just disappear once the race is ended – you find yourself drawing on it every time you face challenging situations in your daily life, too. Running marathons makes you a better person, which is possibly the most compelling reason of all.

.02  Sweat is sexy. ‘nough said

27.  FOMO  – Fear of Missing Out.  Once you finish your first you will have the overwhelming understanding of FOMO.

Ruth England is coaching a Fall Marathon group focused on the Philly Marathon, but open to any other race that comes before.  She coaches Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm – come join the fun and make your own 27 reasons!







2 thoughts on “A reason for every mile you run

  1. So true, Ruth! My favorite is “.02 Sweat is Sexy”, but I really run for the shirt. I like to wear my marathon finisher shirt everyday for a month, and brag about my race to everyone I see.

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