Let’s Go Green

As Austinites we often pride ourselves in putting local first, having green thumbs, biking when we can, cutting down on waste, and all those eco-friendly/socially responsible ways of life. However, this morning in our staff meeting we were a bit surprised to learn how much paper we actually waste each year. At Rogue alone, we use 215,000 paper cups every year. Yes we are telling on ourselves! We truly believe we can cut this number in half in a year’s time. Will you help us? We promise this is not an underhanded way to “cut costs” or “sell more water bottles.” In fact, cups are the cheapest items on our list. We simply want to do what is right. We believe we are a community of people who share this same value … So please, help us cut back. Below are three easy ways to start:

1) Carry a hand-held on your long runs. Yes it can be a bother to carry a bottle for twenty miles but on a typical long run one person could go through 5 cups (one at each stop). With the summer coming it helps to have water between stops anyway. 

2) Quality nights ask your coach to transport your bottle. On your quality nights you can place your bottles in your coaches car and he/she can transport them to the track for you. This way you are only carrying the bottle on Saturdays. 

3) Reuse the cups you do drink from. At times we forget. We get it. So we will still provide cups. However, try your best to place the paper cup you use in a place you can reuse it. We have seen runners tuck them into the holes on crates, in between the fence lines, under rocks, etc. 

Lastly, be creative. Think of other ways we can cut down on the paper we waste. Most of these cups have a 2 second life. We fill them with 4oz of water, sip, and toss. We can definitely think of a better solution. We need your help!





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