Ten marathons: Feels like it’s just the beginning

by Matt Waldbusser

The hard truth is I let myself get overweight.  In 2007, I was a father of two, working full time, and in graduate school.  I had all the excuses I needed.  While standing on the scale one day, I did not see numbers.  Instead I felt shame and embarrassment.

The answer was and still is quite simple: just run.  I ran the Austin marathon in 2008 with a 4:42 finishing time.  This remains to me one of my most proud racing moments as I proved to myself that I could do it if I just got up off the couch and ran.

After a 4:25 Austin 2009 marathon, I got the idea that maybe I should actually train with someone who knows what they are doing.  That is when I found Rogue Running.  Three years later, here I am just finishing my 10th marathon and hitting a PR of 3:47.  In 4 years I’ve been able to knock off almost an hour off my time.  More importantly:

  • My health has greatly improved.  I weigh almost 40 pounds less than I did in 2007
  • I used to have bad migrane headaches.  I haven’t seen one in over 4 years
  • I am a happier person
  • I have learned to approach things in life with the view that …”it’s not as hard as the last 6 miles”
  • Through this all I have found great friends.  It takes a special kind of crazy to knock out a 20 mile run during theTexas summer.  The good news is we all found each other.

This weekend I hit my high point in running.  However, it wasn’t about what I had done that made me hit that high, it is what I know is in front of me.   I do not look at 10 marathons as what I have done, but now what it enables me to do:

  • I am the healthy husband and father my wife and kids deserve
  • I let all of the Rogues in Vancouver convince me that qualifying for Boston is not out of reach
  • I have a coach who’s helping me focus on cross training for triathalons.  He never lets me settle in a workout.  In just 6 weeks he’s changed my mindset, the body is now to follow.

There is no way I could have done this without support from people I am very grateful for:

  • Rogue Running – I continue to learn every time I show up.  The coaches have taught me a lot over the years and there is always an encouraging word there
  • TUFIs – only this crazy bunch of Rogues could somehow make a 3 hour run entertaining
  • Blake Uptain from Moxie Multisport – tore down all of my mental walls in 6 weeks
  • Adriana – I hit the wife lottery here.  She was my cheerleader and the boot in my butt when I needed it

Finally, I am posting a photo.  I have kept this private but this is me in 2007.  I keep it on my desktop as a constant reminder of why I do what I do.


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