Team Rogue: NYC & Fall Marathon 2012

by coach John Schrup

Team Rogue is a marathon focused training group preparing for Fall 2012 races such as the ING New York City Marathon, Philadelphia Marathon and the MetroPCS Dallas White Rock Marathon.

Team Rogue ain’t your daddy’s training program.  Wait.  On second thought, yes it is.

TR are at once the best of old school group dynamics and modern marathon training methods.  TR train with the belief that consistent, focused training is the key to marathon success.  Knowing that there are no shortcuts, no magic bullets and no quick fixes, we prepare for races by building bomb-proof minds and bodies—both physically and mentally strong and physiologically and mechanically efficient—so that the mythological barrier, The Wall, is a part of history.

Each TR training block follows a method that first builds the strongest, fastest engine possible and then streamlines it in efficiency so that the Bonk becomes a thing of the past.  Traditional training methods are turned upside down, and workouts once left for elite level runners only are run on the Austin streets, tracks and trails each week.

We don’t fear the last 10K.  That is where we are our strongest.  The only barriers we know of are official police barriers.  And, honestly, we’re probably still going to run through them.  There is no other training program like it.

Want to know more? Contact John Schrup at and make sure to be at the run + info session on June 2 at Rogue downtown (run begins at 6am)!

Team Rogue: NYC & Fall M program listing here

Team Rogue: Distance Challenge program listing here


One thought on “Team Rogue: NYC & Fall Marathon 2012

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