Houston! Who wants in?

Who wants to race Houston but missed out on the lottery or registration deadline?

We have 4 full-marathon entries and 17 half-marathon fundraising entries available through our non-profit partner – Marathon Kids.
To get a slot, runners must pledge to raise $750 for Marathon Kids, PLUS pay the race registration fee – $105 for the half and $125 for the full. Runners must fulfill their pledge to raise a minimum of $750 by November 20th to support the cause.  At that time if the minimum amount has not been reached, a charge will be placed on their credit card for the remaining balance to be raised, which guarantees registration for the race.

As an added incentive, every runner fulfilling the $750 pledge will receive 50% off on their next Rogue training program.

This is a great opportunity to support a great cause and race on a FAST Houston course!

Entries will be handed-out on a first-come, first-serve basis. If interested, contact chris@roguerunning.com for more information.

About Marathon Kids

Marathon Kids is a 17 year old non-profit committed to improving fitness and nutrition habits for 83,000 Austin area K-5th graders, via an evidence based, six-month running/walking, nutrition and schoolyard gardening program. It is now in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Rio Grande Valley, El Paso, Baltimore, Los Angeles and Chicago. There were 250,000+ USA K-5th graders registered for the nationally recognized, FREE Marathon Kids 2011-2012 program. Each of the eight Marathon Kids regions has an 86% average completion rate. Marathon Kids targets children most vulnerable to Type 2 diabetes and sedentary lifestyles. Kids are also challenged to eat 26.2 days a month of 5-a-day fruits and veggies, coloring in their Food Logs as they go. You can find more information at http://www.marathonkids.org.


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