Review: Saucony Ride 5

by John Schrup

You all know of my deep, deep affection for my Kinvara 3.  If I could, I would have a pair in each color, except maybe the all grey.  I love them.  Inappropriately sometimes.  I have two pair.  When I wear the blue pair, I worry that the black and yellow pair is jealous so I go back to the house, after much internal debate, and put those on.  Then I imagine the blue pair is left, just a little damp, crying on the porch.  I mean, that probably isn’t happening, but I like to think it is.

There’s another Saucony that is in regular rotation.  No, not that one.  Hode up.  The A4 and A5.  The flats.  Oh man, I love those too.  Right now that is the one shoe I have that completely disappears on my feet when I run in them.  Socks or no socks.  Doesn’t matter.  Pft, pft, pft, pft…they go when I’m cruising the hood, checking out the ’57.

But the reason I asked you all here today is so I can expound about the virtues of the new Saucony Ride, the 5.

Saucony, much like our friend, New Balance, has always been a player, albeit mostly second, sometimes third tier.  No mas.  Saucony done went and got creative, producing ballers like the Kinvara and Mirage and dropping the offset on all their go to shoes to 8mm, versus the standard 12mm.  4mm doesn’t sound like much, but the first thing you notice is that they’re just a bit smoother when you run.  It doesn’t feel like you’re in a high heel, is what most people say.  I’d like to see them go to 6mm, but that’s admittedly probably too aggressive for the masses.

The Ride has always been a solid shoe.  A few hit, a few misses, but always above average for sure.   It is plush upon first feel, but there is a noticeable responsiveness when you take them for a spin.  That might be the result of the new, smoother heel to toe transition, I don’t know.  The fit is pretty clean, just snug enough, which helps with the responsiveness since the shoe isn’t on your foot, your foot is in the shoe.  There’s a difference.  There just is.  They are one.  Ooooooooooooommmmmm.  Whatever.

Anyway, we really liked what we heard when Saucony announced that they were going to 8mm.  New Balance did it too, but so far no other company is willing to pull the trigger on that.  Sure, there are multiple ways to chase the bottom line, but we like the way those two brands are doing it.  And our customers have responded well to it also.  The Ride has done so well against a certain leader in the category, that we are beginning to call the Ride something that rhymes with “post filler.”  See if you can figure that out.

If you have never worn Saucony, if you are not quite ready to go head first—feet first, whatever—into something more minimal, more biomechanically appropriate, we think you will like the Ride.  Saucony ain’t messin’ around and I’m pleased to announce that the Ride is Rogue Approved.

Check it:  For those of you who fancy yourself a dedicated runner, a dedicated marathoner, who wants to find out what you’re made of, John coaches Team Rogue on T, Th mornings at 5:30.


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