by Amy Anderson

Maybe you’ve heard the quote, “Running is 90 percent mental, and the rest is all in your head”.  The best athletes don’t only train hard physically, they also work on the psychological aspects of their sport. Here is Part 1 in a series of traits and characteristics of successful marathoners.

CONFIDENCE.  Confidence won’t guarantee your success any more than any other characteristic will.  But it does create an environment that fosters your success.  What makes you confident?  Here are 4 things to think about:

1.     Belief in Your Method.  There are lots of ways to train for a marathon.  Do you believe in Rogue and in your coach? That the training plan and your coach’s advice are designed to give you the best possible chance of success?  That running the mileage you’re running will make you an aerobic machine? That the quality workouts will sharpen your speed?

2.     Positive Self Talk. Do you tell yourself that you can do this?  That you are Making It Happen?  When you have a rough day (or week!) do you remind yourself of the good workouts?  Do you remind yourself that it’s temporary? Do you look for your strengths?

3.     Visualization.  Gack! That term has been so overused that it sounds new-age-y and mystical.  Actually it’s very practical.  Haven’t you always heard that “what you see is what you get”?   Close your eyes and “see” the time on your watch when you hit “stop” at the finish.   When you run 2000m repeats, picture the 40k sign on the marathon course and know that you have 2k (2000m) left to run, and that you have and you can and you will. In your head, go through the motions of smooth water hand offs at the aid stations, when you take gels, how you manage a crowded start.

4.     Trust. I’ve got a whole essay on trust and most of you have already read it.  The rest of you will.  For now, know that each of you has the potential to accomplish your goal. We also know that plenty of *other* people have the potential to accomplish their goals, but don’t because they don’t trust their own ability, their preparation and their strategy.  Trusting those things doesn’t mean you will accomplish your goal, but it sets you up to perform well and then allows your potential to take over.

So.  How confident are you?  What can Rogue do to help?

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