Runner Review: Endurox R4 (chocolate)

by Charles Whitmire

As busy athletes, runners, and triathletes there are certainly plenty of things for us to worry about.

Bandaids over sensitive parts (and trying to get them off), trying to remember to use my foam roller, and overcoming my reluctance for getting out of bed at dark-thirty top my list.

What we do NOT want to worry about is sore muscles.

If you train like I do though, sore muscles are part of life. I aim for three mornings a week where I run a couple miles followed by forty-five minutes in the pool. I run long once over the weekend and I try to get in at least three sessions on my bike each week. …and I’m just training for Sprint distance triathlons.

Over the years, I’ve tried all kinds of things for recovery. Chocolate milk has always been a favorite, but recently, I decided to cut milk from my diet. Its created a huge recovery void. A month ago, after our weekly long run, my fourteen year old son opened the fridge and poured a big glass of chocolate milk. I actually teared up.

So when I got the chance to try Chocolate Endurox, I jumped at it!

In fairness, I’ve been a fan of Endurox from way back. I used it religiously when I was racing bikes. But like a typical boneheaded athlete, I tend to be a bit resistant to change and I stop doing what works at the worst times. Until this experiment for instance, I hadn’t even considered any flavor but tangy orange, and when I switched from cycling to triathlons, I ignored what worked for me in the past, and stopped “needing” my recovery drink after every workout.

Anyway, back to chocolate Endurox. I love it!

It’s very tasty. (Especially if you like chocolate!) I was a bit worried about how chocolate powdered stuff and water would mix – but every time I mix a batch it comes out really tasty. By the way, the more powder you use, the more chocolatey it gets. The instructions recommend two scoops with 12 oz. of cold water. I tend to do two scoops for about 16 oz. of water and it comes out just fine. It’s good enough that after using it for a couple of weeks, I now look forward to it after my workouts.

Yes, it has calories and its not sugar free. In fact, each serving has about 270 calories and 40g of sugar. The kicker is that it also has 26% protein and all kinds of vitamins and good stuff.

I gladly trade the calories for the feeling Endurox gives me the next day. This stuff rocks for recovery! …and what that means is really pretty simple. If I take the time to drink it post-workout, then the next day my legs are recovered and less tired.

Its also super easy to make and very portable. When I run from the house, I make a glass when I get back home. If I am heading out for a workout, I make a batch in a small water bottle and stick it in a cooler. Shake it up good and its golden.

So if you’re looking for something to aid you with recovery – or if your muscles are tired at the beginning of every workout – then give chocolate Endurox R4 a shot. I think you’ll like it.


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