Runner Review: Accelerade

By Elda Hernandez

I am the kind of person who has tried all kinds of products in the past trying to figure out what really works for me. The reality is that being consistent is the only way to achieve results that are advertised. I figured I should be consistent and try it out before I judged this product! I did my testing when I worked out for at least an hour. This included two of my long runs, and multiple hour+ workouts. Running and bootcamp were my workouts and at least 7 different times I tracked the effect of the product – this was fun and new to me!

Ok, so about the drink. Calories are only 120 per serving…not bad! It is a little rich in the sugar department: 20g per serving – yikes! I guess I will be watching my sugar intake the days that I plan on using it. Sodium is alright and actually good for hydration: 210mg. One thing that I thought was funny is that the label says “The Protein Powered Sports Drink,” while it only has 5g of protein per serving. I am not sure what to compare it to, so to me it is just more information. There are a lot of products out there that have more protein in them, but I am pretty sure that this product does what it advertises; it made me feel better!

Ok, now back to the product…

Taste: this flavor (Mountain Berry) is pretty good. It is a little tart and a bit chalky, but pretty tasty. The consistency is a bit thicker than I expected, but it does not have a negative effect. MAKE SURE YOU REALLY MIX WELL. It is important because you will get the chalky bland taste then a POW of sweet at the bottom if you don’t keep shaking it and making sure it is mixed well.

Oh and one more thing, drink it COLD. Warm is not a good taste for this product – TRUST ME.

Feeling (pre-run consumption): I felt a tad bit more energetic. I was more focused and felt hydrated – more so than I usually do during our workouts in this insane heat. I did my time trial and had the Accelerade about 30 minutes before – I think it was a good choice! I survived and did pretty darn good for a new runner – 10 minutes for the mile!!

Feeling (post-run consumption): I really like the way I feel with the Accelerade after workouts. My muscles are not as cramped and I feel a new wave of energy; no, no – this does not mean I want to go running again – just a good feeling. I felt a more calm rest instead of the restless legs with the cramping and heaviness that comes after long runs.

I shared it with my running buddies after 2 runs and they all approved of the taste. A couple of them actually really liked it and the other 2 were just OK with it. My good friend MK said it seemed to help since she didn’t feel the typical aches and pains the day after our long runs. Sweet!

Feeling (during-run consumption): Well here is where things changed. I cannot drink this stuff while running for the ONE reason that it doesn’t go down while warm. Blah. To be fair, my water bottles are little runner ones that attach to the waist belt – I guess I could get an insulated container to run with instead. I am just not one to drink a whole lot while on a run.

I gave it a good shot and really think it is a great product. I really like the way it made me feel after runs and would definitely buy it as a recovery aid.  Thank you Rogue for letting me test this before having to buy it!


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