by Allison Macsas

In the 3.5 years that I’ve worked at Rogue, I’ve heard countless reasons as to why people began running, and even more reasons as to why people keep running. For some people, weight-loss is the big motivator. Others want a social outlet, to improve their overall health, check off that bucket-list race, set PRs. Everyone, whether they admit it or not, wants to see how fast they can get. The rewards go well beyond these initial motivators, however – runners who join us develop incredible levels of self-confidence, achieve goals that they’d only dreamed of,  become fitter and healthier than they’d ever thought possible and make lifelong friends.

I watch running have these effects on adults every single day. Can you imagine what the effect would be on young girls?

Girls on the Run is an organization that does just that – gets young girls running, achieving and developing into confident, motivated, healthy members of society. GOTR combines training for a 5K with healthy living education, instilling self-esteem and strong values through health education, life skills development, mentoring relationships, and physical training.

GOTR is doing really, really great things. Really important things! And, like any non-profit, relies on community support. If there is anything that Rogue has to offer, it’s community, and we feel that it’s a no-brainer to support what Girls on the Run is doing. However, we like to keep things fun, and this is where you come in!

On Thursday, September 20, we are hosting Running Down a Dream, an event that will be a ton of fun for you, and a ton of help for GOTR.

Get ready for:







Nutrition talk


ALL of this is FREE for you. We will be taking voluntary $10 donations, which will get you three raffle tickets – additional tickets can also be purchased. All proceeds go directly to Girls on the Run, and the prizes are HUGE. We’ll be releasing sneak peeks each day on our Facebook page (including the GRAND PRIZE), but expect the winners to walk out with clothing, gear, wellness, entertainment and fitness dreams fulfilled!

So, come help us pass along the gift of running to the next generation and walk out fulfilled, inside and out.

Running Down a Dream

Thursday, September 20

6:30pm @ Rogue Running Downtown (500 San Marcos St. 78702)

FREE & OPEN TO EVERYONE, though RSVPs are appreciated!

Find out more about Girls on the Run here.


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