Thank you, Rogue and Lululemon!

by Donna McKee

When I showed up for my first Rogue training class, I was scared. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to keep up, that I’d have to stop, that I’d be all alone. I had been running a little bit on my own but I was nowhere near a runner. As I walked into lululemon that night, I was mostly convinced that I was insane for signing up for this and for a 10K race.

As class got underway, I was still pretty nervous. The warm up run was farther than I had ever run before. But I had come this far. There was nothing to do but carry on.

Within a few sessions and Saturday long runs, I had made friends with Alyssa, Kelly and Christine. We ran similar paces. We laughed at our own slowness. As the faster, more experienced runners lapped us, we wondered if we’d ever make it look as effortless as they did. But mostly we encouraged each other. Somehow, we knew when one of the others needed a “you’re made of awesome!” or a “we got this!” to keep us going. We chatted to pass the time and take our minds off what our bodies were doing.

Before long, running became like therapy to me. Running itself makes me feel great, but running with these ladies who have become so dear to me makes me look forward to it even more. We have plenty of time on those long Saturday runs to hash out everything we have on our minds. And I can’t leave out our newly minted tradition of going out for hard-earned breakfast tacos after our runs. That definitely makes getting out of bed early on Saturday morning a bit more bearable.

So thank you, Rogue. And thank you lululemon. Without you, I probably would never have gotten off the couch. I certainly wouldn’t have a half marathon under my belt with two more on the calendar. And I wouldn’t have Kelly, Christine and Alyssa.

— Donna McKee, started running earlier this year, joining the Rogue Lemons Capitol 10,000 training group in March and running the Chicago Half Marathon in June.  She is wrapping up the Rogue Lemons IBM Uptown Classic 10k training program and will race the Run for the Water 10-miler on Oct. 28, then plans to run the San Antonio and 3M Half Marathons next.  Outside of running, she juggles being a working mom to 6-year-old Bridget and has a passion for handbags.


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